New in interiors: Global Bohemian & Country Brocante Style

Brand new in interiors this month are two books packed with inspiration - equally beautiful, but very different in attitude and aesthetic. For the more whimsical among us is Global Bohemian, brimming with eccentric and enchanting homes that'll satisfy even the most adventurous Gypsetters, while Country Brocante Style fuses two classic decorating traditions - English country and French vintage. If you haven't decided which camp you're in, here's a sneak peek at both...



Global Bohemian by Fifi O'Neill


Global Bohemian

The Free Spirit: Loft living comes with lots of charm but also with some challenges, mostly when it comes to creating a seamlessly warm atmosphere out of an open space with brick walls and concrete floors. But Gabrielle, who is a designer, was ready to tackle any obstacle. “I had worked in other creative fields, but none of them were quite right. I have always had an eye for style and I found my niche in interior design,” she says. Her personal taste leans to rustic minimalist with natural elements and cultural influences.


Global Bohemian

The Wanderer: When Sarah Caliguri and her husband Matt were looking for a place to set down roots, Carlsbad, California was the answer to their quest. Upon entering the couple’s home it is evident that Sarah is neither a minimalist nor timid when it comes to style and color. “I love global goods and vivid hues,” she admits. “Nature, places I have visited, and cultures are a constant source of inspiration.”


Global Bohemian

The Scandi Boho: Erin and Creighton are both fans of the clean lines of Scandinavian designs and of the California-coast surf style, and are very inspired by color and natural light. They entertain a lot and, as Erin says, “The large open spaces and high ceilings make for a perfect place to host a dinner party or small get-together... My style has always been boho, but lately it’s evolved to include Scandinavian influences and more modern lines.”



Country Brocante Style by Lucy Haywood


Country Brocante Style

Country in the City: The house was built in 1908 and is a classic Victorian terraced yellow-brick cottage. After spending several years living in Hong Kong, Emma and her young family returned to London, where they were keen to put down roots. The house was in desperate need of updating, so Emma and her husband Seb set about opening it up, knocking down walls and adding a family room with a pitched  roof at the back of the house. The addition of large sash windows throughout  has created a light and airy space with a fresh, contemporary feel that provides  the perfect backdrop for Emma’s furniture and huge collection of textiles. 


Country Brocante Style

Tone and Texture: Moving through the house, you experience many contrasting textures, both rough and smooth, from  natural objects such as dried seedheads to cool marble to sumptuous raw silk. Antique textiles and faded wood are everywhere. The house is coolly formal and wonderfully opulent, yet still manages to feel warm and homely. 


Country Brocante Style

Entente Cordiale: Deep in rural Suffolk, Nine Elms Farm perfectly embodies the Country Brocante look. Here, Jenny and Simon Nicole and their daughter Kate have effortlessly combined two very different styles to create a happy marriage of quintessentially English architecture and typically French textiles and antiques. 


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