A Look Inside: Wild Creations

In Hilton Carter’s previous books he's given us glimpses into stunning plant-filled homes where ivy and creeping figs hang miraculously from ceilings, mosses grow to create living walls, and succulents flourish in terrariums. Now, in Wild Creations, Hilton will show you how you can actually create these amazing fixtures for your own home. Here's a sneak peek at just some of the inspiring projects that will help you design your own WILD interior!


Living Art

Wild Creations Hilton Carter CICO Books

"So many people today are looking for creative ways of blurring the line between indoors and outdoors. For me it’s always about what plants would thrive in the light provided in the areas I would like to place them while still showcasing my own individuality and style. If you’re a plant lover like me, you might have seen a mounted staghorn fern in your visits to plant stores. But have you ever considered how to create and style your own mounted plant?"


Leather Hanging Plant Stand

Wild Creations Hilton Carter CICO Books

"When speaking about plant styling, I frequently talk of creating levels in a space using greenery to enhance the effect. Having plants above, at eye level, and below is reminiscent of what you would encounter in nature, so creating these levels in your home is the most seamless way to blur that line between indoor and outdoor. I had seen many hanger planters in the past that could hold a base tray under the pot, but they would fully wrap around the pot, tray, and plant, not allowing for them to breathe and show off their beauty. I wanted something that propped the plant and planter up high in my home, but still allowed them to show off. What I wanted was basically a hanging plant stand. Something not only functional, but stylish."


Plant Chandelier

Wild Creations Hilton Carter CICO Books

"Did I ever tell you the story about the day I became obsessed with plants and knew I was forever changed? It was the moment I saw what I coined a “plant chandelier.” While you at home might not have the space to hang a canoe over your dining table, my hope is that this can inspire you to think outside of the box in finding a way to create your own plant chandelier."


The Air Plant Wreath

Wild Creations Hilton Carter CICO Books

"With the spring and summer in mind, and wanting to make a wreath with plants that could continue to live while adorning it, I thought there’s no better family of plants than air plants (Tillandsia). Air plants are so great for tucking into smaller spots in your home that you’re looking to freshen up with a little life. And given that they don’t grow in soil, are fairly lightweight, and love humidity, they make the perfect main feature for a spring/summer wreath. Of course, like all of your houseplants, you’ll want to make sure you are still able to provide them with the proper care, so please consider the light and humidity in the area of the home where you want to place them first."


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