Love Loom Bands?

loom band bracelet

Earlier in the week one of our authors popped in for a visit and he was wearing a fantastic brightly coloured loom band made by his son. We all loved the bracelet and it got us super excited for the new book, Rubber Band Bracelets! Author Lucy Hopping takes you through the projects with simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations, and even shows you how to make your own loom. Then all you’ll need are some colourful bands, a hook and a clip, and you’ll be on your way to make tons of fantastic designs, from easy-peasy jewellery and awesome accessories to craftier bracelets and crazy key rings like these!

So as a bit of a mid-week treat (and because we really want to learn how to make them ourselves!), we’ve got a sneak peak inside the book and one of the projects to share. So go and grab your bands kids, and make this awesome totem pole bracelet in whichever colours you’d like!

Totem Pole Bracelet

This stripy bracelet looks really effective in bold and bright colors. Why not try making it in your school or favorite sports team’s colors?


You Will Need


47 yellow bands

22 orange bands

20 turquoise bands




loom band bracelet


Set up your loom in the square format—3 pegs wide x 13 pegs long.


loom band bracelet

1. Lay out 24 yellow bands along the two outer sides in the order shown.


loom band bracelet

2. Lay a yellow band between pegs A and C, then make a triangle with four orange bands in the order specified. Lay another yellow band between pegs C and F, and then make another triangle with four turquoise bands.


loom band bracelet

3. Repeat step 2 all the way up the loom, finishing with two orange bands and a final yellow band. Twist a yellow band four times around the top peg to make a cap band.


loom band bracelet

4. Turn the loom around. Insert your hook into the bottom center peg and hook the bands over their opposing pegs in the order shown.

5. Repeat step 4 all the way up the loom.


loom band bracelet

6. Go back to the bottom of the loom and hook the outer yellow bands over their opposing pegs all the way up the loom in the order shown.

7. Insert your hook into the top peg, pick up the all loops, and gently pull the bracelet off the loom.

8. Extend the bracelet by adding ten more yellow bands with your hook.

9. Attach a C-clip to the loops on the hook and then attach the C-clip to the loops at the start of the bracelet to complete.


So are you crazy about loom bands? Are you excited for the new book? Rubber Band Bracelets is available now.