Find your bride tribe

For most brides, alternative or not, what they’re going to wear on their wedding day is one of the first things they think about when they get engaged. There are designers who will literally make you any dress you can dream up, and even the more traditional bridal brands are realizing that brides these days want a much more diverse range of colours, fabrics and flattering shapes. Which bride tribe do you belong to?



The Boho Bride


Rock n Roll Bride


Perfect for laid-back babes who’d rather be running barefoot through their festival-inspired wedding than wearing fancy heels and an elaborate up-do! Dresses are floaty and comfortable, make-up is usually minimal and your hair can be as wild and free as you are!
Dress: E&W Couture
Veil: Beyond Bridal



The Gothic Bride


Rock n Roll Bride


If black is your signature colour, then there’s no way you should be expected to wear virginal white on your wedding day. If you love embracing the darker side of life, this should be how you saunter down the aisle too!
Dress: Legends Bridal
Earrings: Rock n Rose



The Retro Rockabilly Bride


Rock n Roll Bride


The perfect look for cute and quirky girls who love nothing more than a splash of colour. If you feel like you were born in the wrong era, then this modern take on a retro style will be your wedding dress dream come true!
Dress: The Couture Company
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Veil: Rock n Roll Bride x Crown and Glory



The Las Vegas Bride


Rock n Roll Bride


Have you always dreamed of dashing off to Vegas and eloping on your own terms? Nothing screams Sin City more than a dress adorned with sequins!
Dress: Chotronette
Hair clips: AM Faulkner



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