Modern Fairy Tales: Leaf Lessons

To mark National Poetry Day, this year focusing on the theme of Change, here's an extract from K. Towne Jr.'s Modern Fairy Tales. The brand new illustrated collection from the Brooklyn-based Insta-poet, publishing next week, includes both classic and slam-style pieces exploring love and heartbreak. K. Towne's Leaf Lessons reminds us of the importance of accepting change, celebrating nature's endless cycle:

Modern Fairy Tales


Leaf Lessons

Endless clouds, atop rolling hills, ablaze in autumn’s splendor.

A lesson hidden in the beauty of nature’s pastel surrender.

Leaves fear not change, nor storm, nor even death; they simply live to be.

How unobtainable it is, for mankind to understand this kind of bravery.


The bravery to meet with death, without resistance, and without sorrow;

a calm and unwavering confidence, in the promise of tomorrow.

A humbling tale, of what transpires, deep within our natural laws.

For while humans live with the fear of death, the leaves dance as they fall.


Such a sight, and what a wonder, to witness such a calming act.

If only humanity had it within them to have such poise and tact. 

So, as you watch, I hope you learn, that struggle is not the only way.

Live your life the way you desire, and let the end come as it may.


This extract is from Modern Fairy Tales by K. Towne Jr.