Origami for Mindfulness

Origami for Mindfulness

Mari Ono

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Color and fold your way to inner peace with these 35 calming projects

Use mindful origami everyday with these 35 projects designed to destress, calm and help you live in the moment.

The art of origami and the concept of mindfulness go hand-in-hand. Both have therapeutic effects, helping people to relax and relieve stress, as well as increasing creativity and concentration. In this book Mari Ono teaches you the mindful art of origami, with a collection of 35 origami patterns designed to bring a moment of mindfulness and calmness into everyday busy lives.

Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of life, from Love & Hope to Belief & Willingness and every project has clear step-by-step instructions and photographs, so you can fold your way from a simple Rose to the more complicated Crane. The book comes with a selection of beautiful origami papers for you to fold with, including sheets to colour yourself – another activity that reduces stress and enables you to find inner calm. This book is the perfect tool for anyone creative looking to taking their first steps towards a mindful lifestyle.