Easy Vegetarian

Easy Vegetarian

Ryland Peters & Small

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Simple recipes for brunch, lunch and dinner

Deliciously simple recipes for every occasion, from relaxed Sunday brunch to elegant dinner parties and quick mid-week meals.

Whether you are a dedicated vegetarian or just love your greens, Easy Vegetarian offers lots of inspiration for deliciously fresh food. Try delicious veggie brunch dishes, like French Toast and Fried Tomatoes and Blackberry Buttermilk Pancakes, or whip up a simple soup with your favourite vegetables and some new flavours.

Salads and sides need never be dull and there's a whole host of veggie pizzas, tarts, and simple homemade breads, as well as meat-free pasta and rice dishes. If you're entertaining, turn to the scrumptious starters and snacks—or how about a fantastic fondue from the cheese and eggs chapter?—and end with a decadent vegetarian dessert.