The Creative Home

The Creative Home

Geraldine James

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Inspiring ideas for beautiful living

Let Geraldine James show you how to reinvent your home with new and exciting ways to make it uniquely yours.

The Creative Home brings together the best of Geraldine James' Creative series of books and shows how to apply these ideas in your own home. Whether you live in a bustling family home, in a compact city pied à terre, or in a country or seaside retreat, you will find inspiration here for your ideal living space. 

There are four chapters on different areas of the house, including kitchens and dining areas, living rooms, home offices and studios, and bedrooms and bathrooms. A final chapter shows how your home can be used to show off your treasures and store your collections. There are rooms of different styles—from sleek and minimal spaces to thrifty chic-style rooms furnished with second-hand buys—as well as displays featuring designer items alongside inherited family heirlooms. The one thing every room has in common is that it has been furnished and decorated with great attention to detail.