Useful Information for Authors

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your book!

By now, a member of our Publicity and Marketing team will have been in touch with you and sent you the author questionnaire to fill out. Please do answer this as thoroughly as possible as it will help us to formulate a strong publicity and marketing plan for your book.

Below you will find some information on our general publicity and marketing process. Hopefully, lots of the questions you may have will be answered here, however, if you do have other queries that aren't covered on this page then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Head of Publicity and Marketing: Yvonne Doolan:
Yvonne oversees the department and looks after the publicity and marketing of RPS, CICO Books and Dog 'n' Bone.


Publicity and Marketing Director (USA): Meg Parsont:
Meg looks after the publicity and marketing of RPS, CICO Books and Dog 'n' Bone in the USA.


Campaigns Executive: Jack Duce:
Jack looks after our social media, the running of the website and assists with the marketing of RPS, CICO Books and Dog 'n' Bone.

It is the aim of our publicity department to try and get reviews, extracts and features of your book in relevant periodicals. These will include newspapers, newspaper supplements, magazines, online magazines and blogs. We may also partner with other organisations who might feature your book on their sites, in their newsletters and/or on their social media.

Seasonal catalogues, featuring your title, are regularly sent out to relevant publications and we also use press releases to pitch to journalists individually. We have long-standing, good relationships with many publications that feature the subjects we publish about, but if you feel there is a particular outlet that we may not be aware of, please do tell your publicist.

There are many ways that we will market your book. As mentioned above we will try and partner with relevant brands and/organisations who might promote your book to their audience. If you think of any of these, then please do let Lewis know.

Similarly, we will approach contributors (people who you, or we, may have worked with while creating the book) to see if they would be willing to help promote your title. They may have an outlet where they could sell your book or a popular social media feed where they could run a giveaway or simply let people know about it.

Your book will also be marketed to our audience via our website (where your book will have it's own page), in our newsletter, and via our social media. Occasionally we may also run some paid for advertising either online or in print, and we sometimes create flyers/postcards to be given out at relevant events (some of which we may attend).
If you have any ideas on how to market your book then please discuss them with Lewis.

We have a dedicated sales team who will sell your books to bookshops and other retailers throughout the world, as well as to online retailers. We have good relationships with many of these but if there is an outlet that you think would like to sell your book (and we might not know about), then please do let us know. Please email with this info and she will pass it on to the relevant member of our sales team.



If a friend or family member would like to buy a copy of your book and they cannot access their local bookshop, please point them towards our website:, (, or another online retailer of your choice.

We also ask that you encourage anyone who has bought your book to leave a review online, particularly on amazon where it is a well known fact that customers are more likely to buy a book with reviews.

It is also helpful if you can set up AND author pages, where can upload a photograph of yourself, a biography and videos. To do this, click here (for and here (for and then follow the instructions.

Post about your book on social media and remember to tag us (all our social media pages can be found via the icons at the bottom left of this page).

Keep us informed of any events you are involved in. There may be opportunities to promote your book at them.