The All-Year Round Christmas Handbook


The All-Year-Round Christmas Handbook lends a helping hand to everyone who would like to create a kinder, more mindful and homespun Christmas celebration. With a few straightforward strategies and a perfectly practical planner, Tiffany Wood shows you how to jingle your way through the preparations for Christmas, from January to December. 

Below are some free planning pages to help you keep track of all your Christmas planning. The pages include:

  1. Countdown to Christmas - download here.
  2. Father Christmas Gift Lists - download here.
  3. Giving Log - download here.
  4. Christmas card log and keep track of cards to send - download here.
  5. Last three days - download here.
  6. Christmas Eve notes - download here.
  7. The Big Festive Meal - download here.
  8. Christmas Day Notes - download here.
  9. Presents received - download here.
  10. Weekly Planner - download here.