Craft Pizza

Craft Pizza

Maxine Clark

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Homemade classic, Sicilian and sourdough pizza, calzone and focaccia

With these authentic and contemporary recipes, you can create mouthwatering pizza, calzone, focaccia and many other delicious Italian hearth breads in your own oven.

Discover how to make a basic pizza dough, sourdough base and delicious pizza sauces, then choose from a delicious selection of recipes – from thick and thin pizza favourites to focaccia, calzones and pizza pies, as well as some small bites and pizzette. Opt for a simple margarita or try something a little different with a crispy Korean Chicken and Kimchi Pizza or a Stuffed Focaccia with Figs, Prosciutto and Taleggio.

For the serious pizza aficionado, a wood-burning oven is a must, but all you really need to make delicious pizzas are some basic utensils, an oven, and your hands! The Equipment and Utensils section will help you through the minefield of pizza stones versus baking sheets, pizza pans and wheels. Ten Pizza Pointers provides tips on shaping and baking, solving any pizza problems. You'll be making perfect pizzas in no time.