Parisian Cocktails

Parisian Cocktails

Laura Gladwin

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65 elegant drinks and bites from the City of Light

Parisian Cocktails transports you to the intoxicating world of the Parisian bar scene and shows you how to create the drinks that have inspired numerous writers, thinkers and artists. You'll find Belle Epoque classics from the heyday of the Moulin Rouge, like the original Champagne Cocktail and the craze for absinthe, alongside the drinks beloved by Ernest Hemingway during les années folles of the 1920s—including, of course, the Daiquiri and Gin Rickey—plus many more historic French cocktails.

With 50 cocktail recipes divided into chapters covering all-day cocktails; aperitifs; gin and vodka-based cocktails; rum, Cognac and whisky-based cocktails; and digestifs and late-night classics, along with 15 recipes for simple French small bites to serve alongside them, this book will sprinkle a little Parisian magic over your next soirée. Packed with cocktail-making tips and stories from the days of decadence, it will help you capture the sophisticated spirit of golden-age Paris.