The Lagom Life

The Lagom Life

Elisabeth Carlsson

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A Swedish way of living

Discover lagom – the Swedish idea of balance, harmony, beauty and sufficency.

A Swedish word, meaning “not too much and not too little, but just the right amount”, lagom embraces the philosophy of achieving a happy and healthy balance in all aspects of life. It is a refreshing concept, allowing you a little of what you love and the perfect antidote to the busy, consumer lifestyle.

In this beautiful little pocket book, Elisabeth Carlsson lets us in on the secrets of this enviable Swedish lifestyle. Starting with what Lagom means to her, Elisabeth moves on to look at finding the perfect work/life balance, our eating and exercise habits and how living a lagom lifestyle can bring you contentment and happiness. She includes traditional Swedish recipes and ideas for things you can make in your home, so you can bring a little lagom into every aspect of your life.