Theo’s Family Kitchen

Theo’s Family Kitchen

Theo A. Michaels

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Busy chef, TV personality and father of three THEO MICHAELS holds the answer to the challenges of feeding a family with easy and fun recipes for every day.

Complete with tips and tricks from a busy working chef, this is the ULTIMATE feel-good family cookbook to solve all your family kitchen nightmares.

This invaluable book is sure to become your most-used family cookbook with recipes to suit the fussiest of eaters, veggies and carnivores alike.

Rustle up tempting and filling platefuls of something fast, take more time to prepare something special for a sit-down meal at the weekend and occasionally cook for extended family and friends. 

Recipes include Singapore-style Noodles, Halloumi Buddha Bowl, Feta-marinated Pork Chops, Crispy Chilli Beef, and Gingered Treacle Tart to name just a few.

Easy comfort food for days when the world is against you, dishes that the kids can get involved in preparing, tray-bakes and one-pots, fun Friday fake-away ideas that are kinder to your household budget than ordering in, and a few special occasion treats. Plus recipes to please a sweet tooth, and new ways to put a spin on store-cupboard standbys and get the most out of forgotten food lurking in the freezer.