6 Home Baking Recipes You Can Try Right Now

These recipes are for bakers of all skill levels and use ingredients that are already tucked away at the back of your pantry. If you've always wanted to perfect that sponge cake or want that perfect bread recipe, now is that time to experiment!

1. Easy Lemon and Blueberry Bundt Cake

This recipe from Brontë’s Aurell’s Brontë at Home is based on a ‘Sockerkaka’ – a sugar cake, in Swedish. You can top it with anything you have, from berries to nuts, and flavour it with anything from cardamom to vanilla! Try the recipe here

2. Chocolate and Coffee Éclairs

Certain things are loved all over the world. Coffee, chocolate and éclairs are three of them, so combine these to create an amazing taste sensation that will instantly arouse your taste buds. Made with dark chocolate, coffee and heavy cream, this recipe is simple but the results are delicious.

3. Aquafaba Pavlova with Fresh Fruit

This light aquafaba pavlova will not only make the perfect dessert but will help use up some of those cans of chickpeas you have in your kitchen cupboard. Top with your favourite fruits to enjoy this easy recipe. 

3. Delicious Soda Bread

Simple and economical to make, this soda bread is great for when you want some lovely warm bread with your meal, or when you have some milk that has gone sour in the fridge. This bread is fantastic eaten plain on the day it was made (especially with a green salad tossed in a sharp dressing), great toasted on day two and ready for the birds by day three. Try the recipe here.

5. Mini Victoria Sponges

Now is the perfect time to perfect that sponge. If you find a showstopper style naked cake a little daunting, why not start small? Hannah Miles’ latest book Naked Cakes is full of bakes of all sizes, styles and flavours so there really is something for everyone. Try the recipe here.

6. Plain Scones

Get the gingham ready and try your hand at these homemade plain scones. This classic scone recipe from Afternoon Tea at Bramble Cafe, by MasterChef winner Mat Follas, pairs perfectly with clotted cream and homemade raspberry jam. Mat advises taking care to not overwork the dough to ensure a good rise. Follow the recipe here.