Food to Share Outdoors this Spring

Here are some of our favourite recipes to make and share outside as the weather starts to get a little warmer. 

1. Blush Tomato & Feta Muffins

Who doesn’t love a savoury muffin? These muffins from Lazy Day Brunches combine the rich, crumbly textures of feta cheese with the sweet, ripened flavour of sun-blush tomatoes. Easy to transport to the park or enjoy at home.

2. Crowned Spinach and Feta Quiche

This quiche from Share is one of Theo Michael's ultimate summertime foods. You can bake the pastry base in a cake pan with high sides so that once it’s cooked it has a ‘crown’ around the crust. Try this delicious combination of salty sharp feta, earthy spinach and punchy oven-roasted tomatoes.

3. Rye and Blueberry Flapjack

Who doesn’t love a flapjack bar? This recipe from ScandiKitchen: The Essence of Hygge has the nice little twist of rye flakes added to the mixture. 

4. Caramelised Honey & Almond Squares

These elegant, shiny, almond-covered squares from The Cookie Jar will go down a treat with friends and family. The great thing is that they’re so easy to make, which is just as well, as they disappear incredibly quickly!


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