Recipes for National BBQ Week

Celebrate National BBQ Week with these delicious dishes to cook over the flames. 



A simple version of a paella, this Spanish-style rice with chicken is a great way to cook for a crowd, and looks wonderful when placed in the middle of the table.




Cooking cobs of corn in their husks directly on the coals gives them a wonderful smokiness and, let’s face it, it’s a pretty cool way to serve them too. Add a smear of my salty cayenne butter for a little spicy kick.




Padrón peppers are seasonal, but because of their increasing popularity they are becoming easier to obtain. Although traditionally, pan-fried in olive oil until charred and sprinkled with salt flakes, they work beautifully cooked over embers too.




You can serve the salsa verde with a whole lamb or, as Marcus has here, a couple of lovely, juicy lamb leg steaks grilled over charcoal.




Don’t forget the salads! A bbq wouldn’t be complete without something a bit more refreshing. The secret here is to grill the leaves until they are well charred and the cheese is crispy.




These mouthwatering lamb burgers are best cooked on a searing hot pan, smashed flat with a spatula and served with an olive and mustard aïoli!



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