Top 5 Chocolate Recipes

Celebrate the magic of chocolate with one (or two) of these delicious, chocolate-filled recipes from some of our favourite books. 

1. Chocolate and Coffee Éclairs

Certain things are loved all over the world. Coffee, chocolate and éclairs are three of them, so combine these to create an amazing taste sensation that will instantly arouse your taste buds. Try this recipe from Will Torrent's Pâtisserie at Home.

Afternoon Tea at the Cutter & Squidge Bakery

2. Chocolate, Banana & Caramel Pie

Whoever you’re entertaining is bound to go crazy for this easy, no-bake chocolate & caramel pie from Afternoon Tea at the Cutter & Squidge Bakery. The custard is rich and chocolatey, but not too sweet, and is the perfect pairing with the sweet bananas and caramel and fresh whipped cream.

Nordic Bakery Cookbook

3. Vanilla and Chocolate Arctic Roll

From Fleetwood Mac to corduroy, the 70s are officially back, and we think this classic dessert deserves a comeback of its own. Serve it by itself or with custard or hot chocolate sauce on the side. Groovy! Try the recipe from Nordic Bakery Cookbook.

The Magic of Tahini

4. Sesame Brownies

Known as white gold in Middle Eastern cuisine, tahini's creamy texture, high un-saturated fat content and nutty taste can be used to enhance all manner of vegan recipes. Blended beans and tahini give a wonderful texture to these indulgent chocolate brownies from The Magic of Tahini and it’s a great way to introduce plant protein and calcium to kids! Try the recipe here.

The Lagom life chocolate and hazelnut squares

5. Chocolate & Hazelnut Squares

These Swedish cookies are from The Lagom Life and we think they're the perfect bake for a lazy afternoon. So take some time out for a little fika and give them a try! Try the recipe here

Everyone Loves Tacos

6. Chocolate & Tropical Fruit Tortilla Hats

Celebrate a little differently with these fruit-filled chocolate taco shells, bound to impress friends and satisfy any chocolate craving. This delicious recipe is just one of the many Mexican delights featured in the gorgeously vibrant book, Everyone Loves Tacos.

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