Platinum Jubilee baking recipes

We've selected some of our favourite baking recipes perfect for celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, from a classic Victoria Layer Cake to delicate, Bridgerton-inspired Friands!


Easy Lemon & Blueberry Bundt Cake

This recipe from Brontë Aurell is based on a ‘Sockerkaka’ – a sugar cake, in Swedish. You can top it with anything, from berries to nuts, and flavour it with anything from cardamom to vanilla!


Black Bean Brownies
These moist and crumbly gluten-free brownies are completely delicious and you’d never know they were made with black beans! A food processor isn’t essential here but it certainly helps. Once baked, leave to cool completely before removing from the baking pan and cutting.


Fraises-des-bois Friands
Despite the torment Bridgerton’s Siena Rosso feels during her clandestine love affair with the conflicted Anthony, this dedicated diva still sings her (breaking) heart out to entertain and enchant her audience. Now you can eat your heart out in her honour with a devastatingly delicious Opera Tea, featuring these wild strawberry friands.


Mini Victoria Layer Cakes

If you find a showstopper style naked cake a little daunting, why not start small? These cakes are mini Victoria sponges, elegantly topped with rose buds and sandwiched together with cream and jam.


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